Since opening in March 2015, Café Xpresso has taken off as the spot in Newtown for seriously good coffee and eats. Patrons near and far are buzzing about this independently owned coffee shop and restaurant located on Route 25 in Newtown, Connecticut.

Now, just in time for the holidays, Café Xpresso is proud to announce the launch of its made-to-order Catering Services that offers customized menus of the fresh foods and beverages patrons enjoy at the café.

“We are not a coffee-chain kind of shop,” said Bob Schlump. He and his wife Marie own and operate Café Xpresso. “Everything on our menu tastes the way fresh should taste. If we won’t drink it, or eat it, we don’t serve it. It’s really that simple.”

The coffee served at Café Xpresso is made from beans roasted weekly in small batches. “We make our coffee in top-of-the-line brewers to ensure consistent brewing for a perfect cup of coffee,” said Schlump. “You can absolutely taste the difference, and the average age of the ground coffees we sell is measured in hours, not weeks, months, or, heaven forbid, years, like some shelf coffees.”

Tea drinkers can choose from a variety of hot and iced teas prepared from artisan tea blends of high-quality whole leaves, fruits, herbs and blossoms.

Foods to complement that perfect brew are homemade or locally sourced and prepared fresh daily by Café Xpresso’s own chefs in their own high-tech kitchen.

“Our chefs have years of experience cooking up fresh and healthy dishes,” said Marie Schlump. “And because we want to ensure that the food we serve at the café or at a catered event is the freshest possible and prepared with the finest natural ingredients, we source out to local growers, dairies and artisans.”

There are many catering options available at Café Xpresso, from breakfast to full-course dinners.

For example, Café Xpresso serves a variety of muffins, croissants and pastries all homemade in the café kitchen, except for the bagels. Marie insists that Café Xpresso bagels must be authentic New York City bagels.

“I grew up in New York City,” said Marie. “It’s the only place I know of where you can get real kettle-boiled bagels, which gives the dough a unique, chewy texture that is out of this world. I’m proud to say that our bagels are delivered fresh daily from the best New York City bakeries I know.”

The fresh-food dishes patrons enjoy for lunch or an early dinner any day of the week can also be customized for any occasion. Salads are made from farm-fresh veggies. Soups are homemade, and sandwiches are made on fresh-baked artisan breads filled with slow-roasted meats and dressed with homemade spreads.

“You can’t rush or compromise good taste. That’s why we slow roast all our meats, slow-cook all our own soups and sauces, and make our dressings from scratch right here in our own kitchen,” said Marie. “We also prepare an incredible selection of sinfully good deserts. Most of our baked goods are made from scratch, but we’ve selected our artisan breads, like our New York bagels, from the finest bakeries in the metropolitan area,” said Marie. “And, of course, everything we serve is fresh.”


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