Don’t Throw a Bone in Your Good Time: A Quick Guide to Dog Etiquette at a Coffee Shop

If you have a pup, chances are you’ve been to a dog-friendly business and experienced a dog owner who appears to be completely oblivious to the actions of their four-legged companion. The owner lets the dog freely roam around, “play” with other pooches, and beg for food from other patrons. There is dog etiquette for almost every situation, and visiting a coffee shop is no different. To avoid being “that person,” use this guide to dog etiquette at a coffee shop to make your visit pleasant for everyone.

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These tips for dog etiquette at a coffee shop are simple yet effective. By taking the time to ensure you and your pooch are prepared for an outing together, you can avoid becoming “that dog owner” that breaks the rules, potentially putting a stop to the fun for everyone. As you sip your hot coffee and notice a patron and their pooch in need of some gentle reminders, point them in the direction of this guide – it helped you and it can help them too!

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