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What do a husband and wife do for their next act after her job is downsized and he sells his business? Open a restaurant, of course. For Café Xpresso owners Marie and Bob Schlump, who have been married for 28 years, the food industry has been a central part of their lives. Marie formerly ownedRead More

After a month-long campaign, where the community was invited to submit nominations for favorite local businesses in four different categories, the Newtown Chamber of Commerce and Newtown Rotary Club have announced the 2016 Business of the Year contenders: *New Business: Boostcycle, Maple Craft Foods, and Café Xpresso; *Longevity: Black Swan Fireside Hearth & Home, JantrisRead More

In honor of National Dog Day, Cafe Xpresso, 150 South Main Street, partnered with 61 Church Hill Road’s Your Healthy Pet and The Exceptional Pet, 3 Simm Lane, to host Yappy Hour on Saturday, August 26, from 2 to 4 pm. The public was invited to bring their canine companions to the coffeehouse to enjoyRead More

Café Xpresso on Main Street South (Route 25) offers customers the perk of easy access pulling in and out when they come to grab a bite to eat and drink. Marie Schlump and her husband, Bob, who runs the kitchen, are the owners of Café Xpresso. Ms Schlump says her husband has been a foodieRead More

You can grab a coffee almost anywhere, at your neighborhood convenience store or gas station but those aren’t real coffee shops. The following are ten of the best coffee shops in greater Danbury according to Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews along with my favs as well. I have not included the corporate coffee franchises likeRead More

A Homegrown Café Makes Its Mark On Newtown, CT With real food at the forefront and a niche to be filled in the java fueled northern Fairfield County town of Newtown, Café Xpresso is on a mission to feed and fuel busy, hungry people who want to eat well and add the consumption of fresh roasted coffee andRead More

Since opening in March 2015, Café Xpresso has taken off as the spot in Newtown for seriously good coffee and eats. Patrons near and far are buzzing about this independently owned coffee shop and restaurant located on Route 25 in Newtown, Connecticut. Now, just in time for the holidays, Café Xpresso is proud to announceRead More

We asked for your favorites; five are now in the running in our DVlicious contest for Fairfield County’s best. Each is being profiled this week. Let your fingers do the clicking while you sip, savor – and vote. Voting ends at 4 p.m. Monday, Feb. 27. You are allowed to vote multiple times, albeit once perRead More

Daily consumption of espresso-based beverages has nearly tripled since 2008, according to the latest data from the 2016 National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) report. This is no surprise to our local coffee shops and roasters who have added to an already robust food service industry throughout the state. On Tuesday, February 21, Connecticut baristas willRead More

Connecticut’s Talented Baristas to Gather at Café Xpresso in Newtown for a Latte Art and Espresso Drink Throwdown Tuesday, February 21 @ 7 PP  Java Junkies Welcome!  Joining in the fun will be (to date) 15+ baristas, representing popular, as well as new cafés such as NEAT, The Granola Bar, Source Coffee, New Morning Market,Read More

NEWTOWN — A desire to fulfill a lifelong dream and a passion for good coffee recently led a local couple to open Cafe Xpresso on South Main Street — a coffee shop with a twist. When Bob Schlump sold his real estate business three years ago, and his wife Marie left her job as aRead More

Located on Route 25, Café Xpresso offers customers the perk of easy access pulling in and out when they come to grab a bite to eat and drink. Marie Schlump and her husband Bob (who runs the kitchen) are the owners of Café Xpresso. Ms Schlump says her husband has been a foodie all hisRead More

Café Xpresso on YouTube READ MORE

How do you take your tea? With cream? Sugar? How about some cheese? That’s right: Cheese Tea is the latest food craze. Also known as Heytea, the cheese tea trend started in Taiwan and China, says the Washington Post—and now, you can officially get it in Newtown, too. You are thinking: Those are two words that do not goRead More

Originally appeared in Huff Post  06/27/2017 Updated Jul 03, 2017 Nutshell Founder Will D’Agostino went from Wall Street professional to nut bar enthusiast  and he doesn’t miss the cobble-stoned corporate life one bit. After embarking on many hiking and skiing excursions, Will became disappointed with the limited food options that were healthy, energizing and good. InRead More

Café Xpresso partners with 1883 Maison Routin because our commitment to offering best-in-class products. 1883 premium syrups are made from the purest ingredients on the market, but more importantly the syrups consistently out-cut competitors in blind tastings. While well-known though out Europe, Asia, and South America for high quality products and authentic flavor, 1883 is a relatively smallerRead More

Kombucha is a delicious bubbly probiotic tea that dates to ancient China. It is raw, non-alcoholic and made by fermenting sweet tea with a live kombucha culture. The culture of bacteria and yeast (known as a SCOBY) that is critical in brewing kombucha, is what transforms sweet tea into a beverage with completely different properties,Read More

Don’t Throw a Bone in Your Good Time: A Quick Guide to Dog Etiquette at a Coffee Shop If you have a pup, chances are you’ve been to a dog-friendly business and experienced a dog owner who appears to be completely oblivious to the actions of their four-legged companion. The owner lets the dog freelyRead More

Have you ever gone into a coffee shop and stared at the gigantic menu of fine print wishing they would just write it in plain English? Well, I hope I can help! How about a crash course in Italian & French? If that sounds like too much work, we’ll just stick to the latte lingo for now.Read More

Recent health trends are giving cow’s milk some serious competition for the role of coffee’s perfect companion. Plant-based options such as soy, almond, and coconut allow the latte-lover to avoid the calories, fat, and sugar in traditional dairy. With these health benefits to consider, it is important now to ask if these options can enhanceRead More


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